The American Indian Infrastructure Association (AIIA) works to advance the interests of American Indian tribes. Specifically, we advocate for smart, sound development on tribal lands and shaping and informing public policy on this issue.


About AIIA


Barriers to infrastructure development on tribal lands has historically impacted American Indians negatively, impeding their inherent right and ability to benefit from various forms of land-use and development. AIIA seeks to solve this problem through strategic lobbying and legislative efforts aimed at state and federal policymakers. Our goal is to ensure that any industry looking to develop on tribal lands — whether it be water, energy, telecommunications or transportation — is able to do so without unnecessary and burdensome regulations or restrictions.

This includes working to pass state and federal legislation that will position tribal lands as favorable places to do business while defeating legislation with adverse effects.

AIIA is a newly formed registered 501(c)6 organization with a board of directors and two advisory boards. The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with regional offices across the Western United States and growing.


Benefits of Membership
AIIA is a voice and advocate for economic prosperity on tribal lands. We convene American Indians across the entire United States and listen to your concerns and challenges on the issues of infrastructure and economic development. It is our job to represent your interests in state government and at our nation’s capital. We are your direct link to policymakers, opinion leaders, business leaders, academia, industry leaders and the media.

Other benefits of joining AIIA:
  • Being part of a network that enhances how businesses operate on tribal lands and educating policymakers on this issue
  • Up to date industry insights on public policy and issues that impact you
  • As recognized experts, AIIA and its members will play an important role in shaping public opinion
  • Events and networking opportunities